These Terms and Conditions apply to all lettings of furnished holiday accommodation and short term serviced accommodation made by Hardman Oakley Ltd trading as Eastays (Hereby referred to as the Agent/Agency).

The Agent acts on behalf of the Property Owner to market and maintain the property only and therefore the booking contract is the legal and binding agreement between you, the Hirer and the Property Owner. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of your hire contract with the Property Owner so please read them carefully before agreeing to abide by them when making your booking.

The contract between the Hirer and the Property Owner is governed by the Law of England and Wales and is not effective until the Agent has sent written confirmation of the booking to the Hirer.
The contract is for the hire of the property for the pre-agreed holiday or business travel purpose and for the full duration of the pre-agreed tenancy. The Hirer agrees that the short-term tenancy granted by this contract is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy will arise when it ends.

Payment of Booking Deposit

A Booking Reservation is made by completing and submitting the Booking Form and paying the required Booking Deposit.
The Booking Deposit is 25% of the total quoted Holiday Cost (which may include a booking fee and any additional services requested). Once the Agency has received the completed Booking Form and the Booking Deposit, the Agency will send the Hirer a written Booking Confirmation. At this point, a binding contract exists.

Payment of Balance

The Hirer must pay the balance of the Holiday Cost to the Agency at least 8 weeks before the start date of the agreed hire period of the Property. If a booking is made within 8 weeks of the hire period start date then the full Holiday Cost will be due at the time of booking. Payment of a deposit only will not be an option in this instance.
On receipt of the full balance of the Holiday Cost the Agency will send the Hirer a property welcome pack and property access instructions.


Where VAT applies to a particular property’s hire, this will be included within the quoted total Holiday Cost.

Cancellation and Amendments

The Property Owner and the Agency reserve the right to cancel a booking where full payment has not been received more than 7 days after the balance payment date. Every effort will be made by the Agency to chase this payment before taking this action and the booking deposit of 25% of the total cost of the hire is non-refundable.

If you are forced to cancel your booking you are obliged to alert the Agency as soon as possible. If the Hirer cancels the booking more than 8 weeks before the start date the Agency will retain the booking deposit and return all other sums paid by the Hirer minus the Booking Fee. If the Hirer cancels the booking by giving less than the required 8 weeks notice then the Hirer will be liable for the full payment of the quoted Holiday Cost.  The Agent will make every attempt to re-let the property and if successful will return all money except the forfeited booking deposit and any applicable booking fee.

Travel Insurance

The Agency recommends that the Hirer take out holiday insurance (whether arranged by the Agency or otherwise) when making a booking. A comprehensive travel insurance policy may provide cover in the event of a cancellation of a booking.

Agency obligations during the rental period

The Agency agrees that the Hirer may quietly possess and enjoy the Property during the rental period without interruption from the Agency, the Property Owner or any person claiming to be under or in trust of the owner.

The Agency accepts no responsibility for personal injury to, or death of, any Hirer, or loss of or consequential damage to their property, or other matters over which the Agency has no control. However, please note that this in no way infers that we are not responsible for maintenance work carried out by ourselves or our appointed sub-contractors.

The property owner is solely responsible for providing the accommodation and for the safety of all guests.
The Agency is available 24/7 to respond to any Health and Safety issues that may arise and will endeavour to rectify the issue as swiftly as possible.

Hirer obligations

The lead person making the booking must be over 18 years of age and must also be a member of the group occupying the property during the agreed hire period.

The Agency reserves the right to refuse or revoke (at their sole discretion) a Booking from any group/person that they deem may be unsuitable for the property.

The Hirer must use the Property in a reasonable and careful manner and keep it clean and tidy at all times.

The Hirer shall make good all damage caused to the Property (including fixtures and fittings) caused by the improper use or by the negligence of the Hirer or any person at the Property with the Hirer’s permission.

The Hirer must keep the items specified in the inventory clean and tidy and in the same condition as at the start of the Hire Period. The Hirer is responsible for making good or replacing any damaged items or property or to pay compensation via the Agency to the Property Owner.

The Hirer must report to the Agency any damage, destruction, loss, defect, or disrepair affecting the Property as soon as it comes to the attention of the Hirer. The Hirer shall allow the Agency, the Property Owner or anyone with their written authority to enter the Property at a reasonable time to inspect its condition and carry out any necessary remedial work provided the Agency has given reasonable notice beforehand. The Hirer shall, in the case of an emergency, allow the Agency, the Property Owner or anyone with their authority to enter the Property at any time without prior notice.

The Hirer shall not do anything to the Property which may be a nuisance to or cause damage or annoyance to the Agency, the Property Owner or the occupiers of any neighbouring properties. In this vein, the Hirer must not play musical instruments or other device which can be heard outside the Property after 11 pm or before 8 am.

The Hirer cannot use the property for any illegal or immoral purposes and cannot use the property for business use (except for as a home office space).

The Hirer is not permitted to smoke within the Property.

The Hirer shall not assign or sublet the Property or any part of the Property and shall not part with possession of or share occupation of the Property or any part of it with persons not included in the booking group.

The Hirer shall not keep any animal or pet on the Property without first obtaining written permission from the Agent and subject to the conditions imposed by the Agent. Many of our Properties do accept pets and this information will be clearly stated on the individual property description. The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused by their pet during their stay at the Property and will be liable for reimbursing the Owner for the cost of the damage.

The Hirer must accept that although each property is thoroughly cleaned prior to each stay and is regularly deep cleaned, the Agency cannot guarantee that a Property is completely free of pet hair. Even in Properties which specify No Pets, we cannot guarantee that an assistance dog has not recently stayed at the property.
The Hirer must make the Agency aware of any specific health or mobility issues that they or a member of their group has. This must be communicated to the Agency at the initial booking stage so that the suitability of the property can be assessed and if necessary alternative accommodation can be substituted.
Some of our properties offer additional amenities for guests to use during their stay. The right to use these amenities only applies during the hire period. The use of such amenities (e.g swimming pools, hot tubs, beach huts, kayaks etc) is entirely at the users’ own risk and the Agency takes no responsibility for the loss or damage to the users’ belongings and no responsibility for the users’ injury or injuries caused to others. However, where the Agency has been instructed by the Property Owner to maintain these additional amenities, the Agency takes full responsibility for the correct functioning and useable state of the amenity only.

At the end of the rental period, the Hirer must remove all their belongings from the Property and deposit all contents of interior rubbish bins into the large, exterior waste collection bins.
The Hirer must leave the property and any associated parking provision by 10:00 on the morning of the agreed departure date.


If there has been a substantial breach of any of the Hirer’s Obligations listed above then the Agency may on behalf of the owner bring to an immediate end the tenancy that exists and recover possession of the Property.

Damage and Damage Deposit

All damages and breakages are the legal responsibility of the Hirer and must be immediately reported to the Agency when they occur or as soon as the Hirer becomes aware of them.
The Hirer must pay the agreed Damage Deposit (amount will be stated per property in the booking literature) when the balance of the total Holiday Cost is due (i.e. no later than 8 weeks prior to hire period start date). The Damage Deposit will be held by the agency and applied against the cost of remedying any damage (other than general wear and tear) to the property caused by the Hirer or the Hirer’s group. The Agency will return the Damage Deposit to the Hirer’s nominated bank account no later than 14 days after the end of the Hire period and less any deductions made for the cost of remedying any identified damage. If the property is not left clean and tidy after departure, any additional cleaning costs may be charged to the Hirer and then taken from the Damage Deposit.

Property Literature

All the information in our promotional literature and on our website has been compiled as accurately as possible at the time of publishing. However, Properties and some facilities may change or be withdrawn at short notice and for reasons outside of the Agency’s control. In this case, the Agency cannot accept responsibility.
We try our very best to ensure the Property descriptions and photographs/videos are accurate and fair but mistakes can occur from time to time. If you as the Hirer have a very specific request then please confirm with the Agent that this request will be met by the Property prior to making a booking. We cannot accept responsibility should the property not meet the Hirer’s standards. Where possible we use a 3D walk-through video as well as photos on our website to illustrate what each property has to offer as accurately and non-subjectively as possible.

Availability of Booked Property

In the very unlikely event that a booked property becomes unavailable for rent due to unforeseen circumstances, we will do our very best to find you an alternative property in the same geographical area and of the same or higher rental value. If no acceptable alternative accommodation can be found then we will offer you a full refund of your money already paid.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to deliver the very highest levels of customer service and strive to make every holiday or business stay enjoyable, comfortable and hassle-free. However, if you do have any cause for complaint regarding our service or your accommodation then please do get in touch with a member of our team as soon as possible. It is important that any complaint is brought to our attention whilst you are still at the Property if at all possible so that we have the opportunity to investigate the complaint and remedy the issue.
In no circumstances will compensation be considered in relation to complaints raised with the Agency after the holiday has ended or if the Hirer denies the Agent/Owner the opportunity to investigate the complaint/problem. Please direct all complaints in the first instance to our Customer Services Department. If out of hours, a message may be left on our voicemail or an email sent and we will deal with it immediately at the next opening of business.
Neither the Agency or the Property Owner can take responsibility for any work taking place outside of the property or for any anti-social behaviour or noise taking place outside the property and outside of the control or influence of the Agency or Owner.

Data Protection

The Agent is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. The Agent is committed to being clear and transparent about how it collects and uses that data and to meeting its data protection obligations. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Pet Policy

Many of our Properties do accept pets. This information will be clearly stated on the individual Property description on our website. Please note that Guests are responsible for any damage caused by their pet during their stay at the Property and will be liable for reimbursing the Owner for the cost of the damage.
Although some of our properties have specific rules to follow regarding Pets (which will be clearly stated on that particular Property Listing), most of our pet-friendly properties require guests to abide by the following guidelines:

In properties where dogs are allowed, there will be an additional £15 charge per booking. This helps to cover the additional cleaning costs.

Some properties will have restrictions on the number, age and/or size of dogs allowed to stay. These restrictions will be clearly stated and must be understood and adhered to.

Young dogs (under 18 months) should be declared to the Agency prior to making a booking to make sure that the Property Owner gives consent.

Registered assistance dogs are allowed in all Properties including those that state no dogs are allowed. The Guest is advised to notify the Agency if they will be bringing along an assistance dog prior to making a booking so that we can assess whether the property is safe and suitable.

Guests must accept that although each property is thoroughly cleaned prior to each stay and is regularly deep cleaned, the Agency cannot guarantee that a Property is completely free of pet hair. Even in Properties which specify No Pets, we cannot guarantee that an assistance dog has not recently stayed at the property.
Dogs must be kept under control at all times whilst in the property or the Property’s garden and must not be left alone.

Guests must bring a suitable dog bed/basket for their dog to sleep in and must ensure that dogs are not allowed onto beds or furnishings. Pet hair must be cleaned up as best as possible before vacating the Property.

Guests are responsible for clearing up any fouling as soon as possible and leaving the garden clean and tidy.
Dog owners must make sure that their pets are free from parasites and fleas. Additional cleaning charges may be imposed if they fail to meet this standard.

Some of our Properties may accept pets other than dogs. If you are considering bringing a pet other than a dog then you must check with the Agency that this will be accepted prior to making a booking.

Failure to meet the relevant conditions above may result in the Agency cancelling a booking or asking the guests to leave the Property during a stay. Additional charges may also be imposed on the guests to cover damage, cleaning, additional admin.